Stop personal attacks on Zia family members: Tarique Rahman

BNP senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman has urged the ruling Awami League leaders to stop what he termed “personal attacks” on former president Ziaur Rahman and members of his family.

In a press release issued yesterday, he also requested the critics not to use indecent words for the BNP founder and his family.

In a bid to defend his statements identifying his father, Ziaur Rahman, as the first president of the country and proclaimer of independence, Tarique said he would correct himself if anyone proves otherwise with evidence-based information.

Referring to the use of the state machineries in opposing naming of a roadway in US city of Chicago after Ziaur Rahman, Tarique said: “I think this kind of vindictive move using the administration should be stopped.”

Also the son of current BNP chief Khaleda Zia, Tarique issued the statement from London where he is currently living since leaving the country in 2008 during the caretaker government regime.

Saying that AL president Sheikh Hasina often uses words like “vulture” for Tarique, the BNP key policymaker urged Hasina and AL leaders to refrain from such practices.


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