Apr 8

A Statesmanlike Leadership

A Statesmanlike Leadership Professor Abdul Latif Masum Leadership is an individual as well as collective issue.  Leadership can be defined as a collective form of those desirable qualities of an individual that can inspire and motivate others for attaining the collective goals of a community. While defining leadership as a political concept, the eminent scholar […]

Apr 8

Safe Return: Save BangladeshProfessor Syed Rashidul Hasan

It is Shaheed (Martyred) President Ziaur Rahman, popularly known as President Zia, who made politics in Bangladesh people oriented. He brought politics from the drawing room to the thatched house of the farmers, to the sides of open fields and lands, and to the banks of rivers and canals. He taught the so-called politicians that […]

Apr 8

Tarique Rahman as the Saviour

Tarique Rahman as the Saviour Professor Khandaker Mustahidur Rahman Tarique Rahman is a leader of the future of Bangladesh in the 21st century. He has become pre-eminent in the politics of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) by proving repeatedly himself at different levels of the organisational hierarchy. Before being named the Senior Vice Chairman of […]

Apr 8

A Leader Subjected to Inhuman Tortures

A Leader Subjected to Inhuman Tortures Professor Anwarullah Chowdhury I consider myself privileged to form a soul-searching warm relationship with Tarique Rahman by seeing his great works from the proximity. Like many other Bangladeshis, I was first introduced to his developmental plans through various print and electronic media outlets. I was utterly impressed by his […]

Apr 8

The Endeared Leader of the People

The Endeared Leader of the People Professor M Maniruzzaman Miah It has been proclaimed in our constitution that all powers of the Republic  of Bangladesh belong to the people. Shaheed (Martyred) President Ziaur Rahman used to say that it is the people who are the source of power. As a successful President, he always felt […]

Apr 8

The Future Leader of Bangladesh

The Future Leader of Bangladesh Shaukat Mahmood There has been a rendezvous by the elite groups of Bangladesh so as to debate on the country’s politics centring one pivotal issue: With Tarique Rahman or without Tarique Rahman? In addressing this issue, let us all accept one truth: combating innumerable gossips spread against him, Tarique stands […]

Jan 9

As I have Seen Tarique RahmanBarrister Moudud Ahmed MP

To understand and determine the position of Tarique Rahman in the national politics of Bangladesh, one has to look first at Shaheed (Martyred) President Ziaur Rahman, a legendary statesman, emerged through the passage of history as one of the most popular leaders of our time. Otherwise an unknown young military officer, stationed in Chittagong as […]

Jan 9

The Legacy of Tarique Rahman’s FamilyBarrister Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar

Scion of a respectable family of Gabtali, District Bogra, Bangladesh, Tarique Rahman was born in a family which is well known for education and cultural heritage. People around the area used to go to his ancestors for local reconciliation and arbitration knowing the family to be pious, God fearing and truthful. The century old building […]

Jan 5

Political Philosophy of Tarique RahmanMushfiqur Rahman

In broad terms, the people of Bangladesh are divided into two groups in terms of their political spirits: one camp belongs to the Awami League and the other to the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Shaheed (Martyred) President Ziaur Rahman is the exponent of Bangladeshi nationalism, the political philosophy of the nationalist group and founder of […]